Violin Lessons in My Home

I have been teaching violin to ages 6 through adult for 30 years. I started playing the violin at age 8 and I have been playing the violin for 64 years.


Beginning students use Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for Violin. Beginning students need a Don't Fret fingerboard guide which I can place on the fingerboard of their violin.  I have tuners, rosin, shoulder pads and other accessories. I do a wide range of violin repairs and replace strings.


After completing Book 1 they can proceed to Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 or they can choose repertoire from a very wide variety of types of music. I have a huge collection of sheet music.


Middle school and high school students usually work on school orchestra music during lessons. They may choose other repertoire if their school music is already performance ready. Sometimes students have school instrument exams or chair tests and this is the music they must prepare.


 I charge $25. for a 45 minute lesson.


I prefer for parents to stay for lessons. I have internet throughout my house if they wish to bring a laptop or tablet.  I have books and coloring books to entertain young children who come to lessons with their older siblings who are having a lesson.


I sell violins in the following sizes:  1/8   1/4    1/2     3/4    4/4

I can measure a student and tell what violin size is needed.

I do not rent instruments as I do not consider rentals a good value for students who are going to play for more than 6 months.


My address is:

4702 Bucknell St.

San Antonio, TX 78249


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